By Kevin Laminto


These eight (8) images are a small selection from my abundance of photographs taken over the span of years. These are some of my favourite images taken over the past few months curated into a series called Lullabies. Enjoy the showcase of this photo collection below.

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At the Heart of Winter

My friends and I just finished visiting NGV in the city when Anfisa, one of my friends asked us if we would like to see the sunset from her apartment balcony. While we waited for the sunset, she offered us drinks and snacks to nimble on. We then sat there in silence, gazing out to the distance as the sun set. The sky turned from bright yellow to a soothing, calm purple colour. It was a great day.



During my summer break, I went on a short trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Just one day before my supposed flight back to Melbourne, my cousin asked me if I would like to visit the Aquarium. With nothing to lose, I agreed. Upon entering, I saw a ginormous jellyfish tank. They were so gorgeous!

Fun fact: The neon light was provided by my girlfriend which I double exposed in photoshop!


The Wheel of Love

The night was young, and so are we. My girlfriend and I went to this year’s Moomba Festival with nothing but happiness at heart. We were walking everywhere, admiring all the beautiful attractions decorated with lights. This photo is my favourite. We were high up above the ground. This ferris wheel was proof that that day was indeed one of the best.


Midnight melodies

It was my birthday party celebration. My friends Joey, Anfisa, Aja and I decided to end the night by going to a bar. There was a really great atmosphere. The bar was very quiet which was perfect for us to just slow dance in the dark with the DJ playing in the background. I decided to use my film camera and snap this moment as I wanted at least one photo to remember this beautiful day.


Valentine Beach

It was valentine’s day. I received a call to take photos for an indie fashion magazine. I spent about an hour at the beach shooting during sunset. Although the weather that day wasn't so great, most of the photos turned out amazing! The colours, atmosphere and vibe all look perfect. It is safe to say that this is one of my proudest portrait photographs I have ever taken this year.



It was around March this year. I was visiting my friend's apartment in the city. It was very quiet that day. No sign of people at the apartment building except for the receptionist. His place was on the 23rd floor. When I arrived, again, no one was sighted in the corridor. It was weird because it’s a student accomodation apartment after all. Maybe they were busy studying for their exams. Anyway, this photo was taken at his balcony during sunset.


The Art of Eye Contact

This journal belongs to Paolo Raeli, a very talented photographer whom I met sometime ago during his visit to Melbourne from Italy. I was fascinated with his view of life. He has a very unique perspective that he was able to articulate brilliantly into a small story, scene by scene including drawings and photographs.


Neon Kisses

This is also one of my favourite photos I have ever taken this year. It is a photo of my friends, Luke and Isabella. It was a late night in June. A cold late night. At roughly 11 PM that night we saw this huge sign of neon lights in a quiet street. Isabella then asked me to take a quick photo of them kissing next to the neon light. Until now, this photo is proof to me that love can be found anywhere, anytime, even in the smallest moments of life.

About me

Hi, my name is Kevin. Being scared to forget all those tiny details in life, I began taking photos to remember those memories. I take photos of my friends and loved ones mostly. But I'm happy to take photos of anything!